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Novamed Vietnam's Participation in the Intensive Care, Emergency Medicine & Antidote Association Conference in Hanoi and Northern Provinces

On the morning of June 24th, in Cua Lo Town, the scientific conference of the Intensive Care, Emergency Medicine & Antidote Association (HSCCCĐ) for Hanoi and the northern provinces took place. The conference was attended by Associate Professor – Doctor Dang Quoc Tuan – President of the Intensive Care, Emergency Medicine & Antidote Association of Hanoi, along with delegates representing hospitals and enterprises from both within and outside the country.

Conference Overview

The National Scientific Conference on Intensive Care, Emergency Medicine & Antidote for Hanoi and the northern provinces comprehensively covered major issues in the field, ranging from pre-hospital emergency care, intensive care nursing, basic emergency care, antidote, to advanced technical topics such as ECMO and liver transplantation. The conference featured nearly 60 reports and attracted around 500 participants (300 attended in person and 200 attended online). Notably, the conference was honored with the presence of 09 international presenters and many professors, associate professors, and leading doctors in the country.

The organization of the Intensive Care, Emergency Medicine & Antidote Association Conference for Hanoi and the northern provinces provided a valuable opportunity for professionals to meet, exchange experiences, share knowledge with leading experts, managers, colleagues, and especially connect with domestic medical equipment businesses. This facilitated updating medical staff with new and advanced products, enhancing their knowledge, skills, and better serving healthcare and protecting the health of the people.

Novamed Vietnam at the Conference

As a co-sponsor of the conference, Novamed Vietnam brought a “fresh breeze” to the event with advanced medical equipment solutions and consumable products. Let’s highlight Novamed’s notable contributions to the Intensive Care, Emergency Medicine & Antidote Association Conference.

Handheld Ultrasound Device Co-Produced by Novamed Vietnam and Fujikin Japan

The handheld ultrasound device, a collaborative product between Novamed and Fujikin Japan, garnered significant interest from emergency and intensive care doctors.

This product offers versatile probe choices and can be integrated with various devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. Especially when used alongside the Tele Ultrasound platform, district and provincial hospitals can directly diagnose patients with the collaborative support of top-tier doctors.
At the conference, this product received high praise from many domestic and international experts and doctors for its practicality and diagnostic support capabilities.

Central Control System for Electric Infusion Pumps and Fluid Infusion Machines by Novamed and MedCaptain

The central control system for electric infusion pumps and fluid infusion machines, a collaboration between Novamed Vietnam and MedCaptain, was introduced at the conference. With a design that integrates up to 16 pumps per station, all controlled by a 21-inch touch screen with advanced features such as forward pumping, fluid intake/output calculation, the system is expected to provide a premium experience for doctors and nurses. This solution aims to alleviate their workload while ensuring effective patient care.

Novamed Vietnam’s Consumable Products

Novamed’s consumable solution presented at the Intensive Care, Emergency Medicine & Antidote Association 2022 Conference was considered diverse and modern, drawing significant interest from doctors and delegates. Most of the products in Novamed Vietnam’s solution are imported from Vyaire Medical Inc., a prominent consumable brand in the United States

Specifically, with 65 years of experience, Vyaire Medical has been producing and supplying medical consumable products trusted by more than 100 countries worldwide. Novamed Vietnam believes that the reputation of Vyaire Medical will bring the best choices to doctors and attendees for medical consumables at the conference.

Closing Words

For Novamed, every conference is a valuable opportunity to meet and exchange knowledge with doctors, leading experts, and absorb new medical information. We congratulate the success of the conference and look forward to participating in the upcoming events of the Intensive Care, Emergency Medicine & Antidote Association of Vietnam.

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