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Tailored to the needs of district-level healthcare facilities, with customizable capacity for each institution's requirements.

Advanced PSA technology integrated with remote IoT monitoring

Module design

Energy-efficient, operational cost reduction.

Unlimited capacity expansion

Addition or removal of modules made easy.

Easy maintenance and servicing

Each module can be maintained and serviced individually.

Remote monitoring system

Integrated 24/7 remote IoT monitoring.

Cylinder compression option, preventing oxygen wastage

Compression into storage tanks whenever excess oxygen is available.


Hệ thống theo dõi từ xa

Chủ động phát hiện và xử lý kịp thời

IoT integration

IoT feature used to monitor system condition and oxygen quality. This can be use for prognosis and treat unexpected incident ontime


Zeolite beads have a very low replacement cost, helping to reduce maintenance expenses. Additionally, excess produced oxygen can be stored in containers for later use.

The system can be automatically adjusted to operate with specific time frames throughout the day. During periods with fewer patients, the system can deactivate 1-2 oxygen clusters to save electricity and prevent wastage.

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