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Novamed Vietnam's Participation in the Annual National Medical Equipment Workshop

The National Workshop on Medical Equipment, organized by the Vietnam Medical Equipment Association, is a dedicated effort by speakers, scientists, and businesses in the medical equipment field to enhance healthcare capabilities for the population. At the workshop, Novamed Vietnam successfully introduced the Nov@oxy C-system oxygen system for healthcare facilities, electric infusion pumps and fluid infusion machines, as well as medical equipment and consumables from renowned global suppliers.

About the Nov@oxy C-system Oxygen System

Currently, hospitals in Vietnam mainly supply oxygen through liquid oxygen systems and compressed oxygen cylinders. Uneven distribution of oxygen supply between provinces and regions, especially the disparity between large cities and remote areas, remains significant. This leads to unstable supply, increased costs, and a risk to patient health.

Mr. Ngô Thanh Sơn, the General Director of Novamed Vietnam, introduced the Nov@oxy C-system.

In light of this, the Nov@oxy C-system is considered a comprehensive and cost-effective solution, potentially reducing up to 50% of oxygen costs for hospitals. The system employs PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology, which extracts air from the environment, filters out unwanted gases, and provides high-purity oxygen (up to 93±3%). This system aligns with the European Pharmacopoeia, the U.S. Pharmacopeia, and the national standard TCVN 7742:2007 (ISO 10083:2006) for oxygen enrichment systems used with medical gas pipelines.

Representatives of Novamed Vietnam at the seminar

Each Nov@oxy C-System unit produces 3m3 of oxygen per minute, equivalent to the output of 12 large high-pressure oxygen cylinders per day. This level of production enables healthcare facilities to have a self-sufficient oxygen source for patient treatment, ensuring no oxygen shortages. The system is integrated with IoT 4.0 technology, allowing remote monitoring of machine status and oxygen quality, ensuring compliance with quality standards.

Other Novamed Vietnam Products at the Workshop

In addition to introducing the Nov@oxy C-system, Novamed Vietnam also presented electric infusion pumps and fluid infusion machines produced in Vietnam using advanced technology. These products assist doctors and nurses in the patient treatment process.

Disposable supplies solution by Novamed Vietnam at the Workshop

Novamed Vietnam also showcased the Nov@ Telecart remote medical examination and treatment trolley. This device optimizes remote patient examination, enabling doctors to diagnose and treat patients without being physically present at the bedside. The device integrates examination, diagnostic, and treatment support tools, along with a data transmission platform to centralize data for a comprehensive patient overview. It also offers two-way high-quality audio and video communication at an affordable cost, facilitating deployment in district-level, commune-level, and remote healthcare facilities.

Alongside electric infusion pumps and fluid infusion machines, Novamed Vietnam introduced consumable products for emergency care and anesthesia. These products are sourced from Vyaire Medical Inc., a U.S.-based company with 65 years of experience in respiratory consumable technology. Vyaire Medical’s products are present in over 100 countries and are widely recognized in hospitals. Therefore, Novamed Vietnam believes that distributing Vyaire Medical’s consumable products will provide Vietnamese hospitals with access to quality medical supplies at reasonable prices.

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