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Novamed Vietnam Introduces C-System: Oxygen Generation System for Hospitals

Recently, on January 6th, at Hospital E in Hanoi, Novamed Vietnam introduced an oxygen generation system called C-System, which produces oxygen from ambient air for hospitals.

The introduction ceremony took place during the 4th Scientific and Technological Conference on Medical Equipment, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnam Medical Equipment Association. Novamed Vietnam’s C-System is particularly significant for healthcare units in remote, rural, border, and island areas, helping healthcare facilities proactively manage and save costs on medical oxygen supply.

Overview of the C-System Oxygen Generation System for Hospitals

The C-System is based on Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology, a technology that has been applied since the Covid-19 pandemic. This technology is considered more optimal as it produces pure oxygen with a concentration of 93 ± 3% from ambient air, instead of relying on industrial oxygen sources. However, PSA-based oxygen generation systems in Vietnam still face challenges such as high electricity consumption, fixed oxygen output that is difficult to adjust to individual facility needs, and maintenance complexities due to reliance on imported components.

Novamed Vietnam Receives Award for Contributions to the Vietnam Medical Equipment Association

Recognizing these limitations, experts at Novamed Vietnam researched and developed the C-System oxygen generation system. This system ensures the quality of medical oxygen according to the Châu u Pharmacopoeia, TCVN 7742: 2007, while addressing the previous shortcomings of PSA-based oxygen generation systems. Mr. Ngô Thanh Sơn, General Director of Novamed Vietnam, stated that the C-System is designed as a customizable module, facilitating easy maintenance and alignment with the usage requirements of different healthcare facilities. Additionally, the system integrates advanced IoT technology for continuous remote machine monitoring.

Introduction Ceremony of the C-System Oxygen Generation System for Hospitals

During the introduction ceremony, Novamed Vietnam was honored to have the participation of leadership from the Medical Equipment and Construction Department, the Vietnam Medical Equipment Association, Hospital E, and Military Hospital 175, along with leaders from various sectors.

Unveiling of the C-System Oxygen Generation System for Hospitals

The C-System has two basic configurations: CS50 with an oxygen generation capacity of 3m3/hour (equivalent to 12 compressed oxygen cylinders/day) and CS20 with an oxygen generation capacity of 1.2m3/hour (equivalent to 5 compressed oxygen cylinders/day). These configurations are deemed suitable for the needs of most grassroots-level hospitals in Vietnam.

Also during the introduction ceremony, the Vietnam Medical Equipment Association donated a CS20 system to Military Hospital 175 to serve healthcare on Trường Sa Island.

At the end of the introduction ceremony, during a press conference with Novamed Vietnam experts and the leadership of the Vietnam Medical Equipment Association, the Equipment and Medical Construction Department, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Công Quyết Thắng, President of the Vietnam Society of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, stated that the demand for oxygen is not only essential during a pandemic but also crucial for saving patients’ lives. Currently, lower-tier hospitals are in great need of oxygen systems for patients, especially in emergency, anesthesia, and critical care situations. If Vietnam can master the technology and efficiently implement production, it will help enhance the quality of healthcare and save patients’ lives.

Representatives from the Vietnam Medical Equipment Association presented the CS20 system to the leadership of Military Hospital 175.


With the introduction of the oxygen generation system for C-System hospitals, Novamed Vietnam has left a distinct mark on the medical oxygen market in Vietnam. This effort demonstrates the company’s aspiration to provide modern solutions, technologies, and medical equipment that drive change and shape a new trend in patient care in Vietnam.

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