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Novamed Vietnam at the Medical Equipment Conference in Bac Kan Province

Recently, on June 5th, 2022, the Department of Health of Bac Kan Province successfully organized a MEDICAL EQUIPMENT CONFERENCE with the participation of Novamed Vietnam company and delegates from hospitals in Bac Kan province, such as the Provincial General Hospital of Bac Kan, Bac Kan Town General Hospital, Ba Be District General Hospital, Bach Thong, Cho Don, Cho Moi, Na Ri, Ngan Son, and Pac Nam.

At the conference, Novamed Vietnam company introduced to the leaders of the Department of Health of Bac Kan Province and the hospitals in the province a groundbreaking solution for medical oxygen supply. This solution is considered unique in Vietnam and highly suitable for the practical situation in healthcare facilities across the province.

Overview of the Bac Kan Province Medical Equipment Conference

In an open and collaborative atmosphere, Novamed Vietnam aims to assist the healthcare system of Bac Kan Province in addressing challenges related to the supply of medical oxygen for patients, with the key solution being the Nov@oxy C-system on-site oxygen solution. This system is deemed highly appropriate for installation in healthcare facilities throughout Bac Kan Province, helping small and medium-sized healthcare institutions avoid dependence on the supply chain of liquid and cylinder oxygen. It also saves on transportation costs, operational manpower, and ensures a self-sufficient oxygen supply in all circumstances.

Novamed Vietnam delegate introducing the oxygen solution for healthcare facilities

At the end of the conference, the leadership of healthcare institutions across Bac Kan Province expressed great joy and a desire to collaborate with Novamed Vietnam to implement the Nov@oxy C-system solution into practical patient treatment.

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